Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cub Camp 2010

Flag Ceremony

Cubmaster Minute



The past few years I have had the pleasure to serve as the Cub Scout Committee Chair for the wonderful young boys in our ward. It has definitely been a learning experience since I have no experience with Cubs whatsoever. Matthew is much too young to be a Cub Scout and my brother was never a Scout either. All my knowledge comes from what I've learned thru Ben who was an amazing Scout as a child and an even more amazing Scout Leader as an adult now.

The District offers a Cub Camp every summer for all the boys in the area. Although it is a great opportunity it is also very expensive. This year our Pack decided to join a couple other Pack's and have our own affordable (and fun!) Cub Camp. It took place over three days - Thursday and Friday night and then Saturday all day. Each pack was responsible for a few activities each day. It turned out extremely well and I think everyone had a great time.

The first day the boys created shirts using nature items. I made a dragon shirt using certain leaves and a pine cone for the fire. They also made bottle rocket launchers and played flag football. I missed the second day of camp but the boys had fun going on a nature trail and doing a lot of outdoor activities. The third day was jam packed with activities. I only stayed for the first part of the day but I still had a blast. I was proud of our boys who ran the opening flag ceremony with great poise. I was in charge of the "Cub Master Minute" where I briefly spoke to the boys about taking care of the Earth while using an apple as a visual aid. Then the boys broke off into groups - first aid and woodwork. I am not sure how I got put in the woodworking group since I can't remember ever using a hammer in my life. I struggled at first helping the boys who seemed to know the same or less than I did about making birdhouses. But by the second set of boys, I was practically a professional! I also for some reason volunteered to teach badminton to the boys and NO I did not know the first thing about the game until Cub Camp. We ended up having a wonderful time and I sincerely think that all the boys enjoyed learning the rules and playing. Overall, I think my first Cub Camp went pretty well. I can't wait for Matthew to be old enough to do all these fun things!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Photo Shoot

Emma, 5 - Matthew, 3
May 2010
I finally made an appointment to get the kids pictures taken at the Target Portrait Studio. I hope to one day get their pictures taken by a real independent photographer. There are some extremely good ones in our Ward. But for now the ones at Target are quick and inexpensive and they do a decent job. So here are most of them. You can see more pictre on my Facebook page.