Thursday, January 20, 2011

Skate Night

Once a month at Emma's school they have Skate Night and Emma just LOVES it. That is why she got skates for Christmas. She really wanted them and I don't blame her - the skates at the roller rink are kind of ugly (see picture above) and we all know that little Princess Emma has to always look her best! We look forward to those Thursday nights and mark them on her calendar. I remember going to Sparkles for Skate Night when I was in Elementary school. It was so much fun, especially when I was older and could roam around the rink with just my girlfriends. I remember doing the hokey pokey and racing around the rink.

Emma does not skate well enough yet to join in the races but I have been very impressed at how much progress she has made. She seems to be doing better every time we go. In the beginning, I was expecting her to fall down once and give up. But she takes a fall like a sport and is ready to go again. The place near us is called Hot Wheels and they do the Cha Cha Slide but the kids have the same fun I used to have.

Soon she will not need me to hold her hand and escort her around. But until then I will cherish the skate nights where we get to hang out together and dance and sing with each other.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

It snowed AGAIN in Georgia. I can't believe how much snow we are getting this year. Schools were closed and I couldn't go to work because the roads were so bad. But of course Emma enjoyed every minute of it! Matthew is not the biggest fan of getting cold and wet. Emma on the other hand will play out in the snow for hours even when her cold wet feet go numb. I don't even ask Matthew if he wants to go outside in the snow anymore. He always says YES and then complains after a few minutes. So this time I just kind of snuck out with Emma while he was distracted. One day when it was my turn to keep Matthew occupied, Ben took Emma out in the cold snow. The snow had actually turned to ice at this point, but Emma still had fun finding big chunks she could lift. I wonder if this will be the last of our Winter Wonderland fun.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas High and Lows....but mostly highs!

We had a really great Christmas. The best part was that we woke up with snow! Emma and I are the biggest fans of snow and we were overjoyed waking up to the white landscape.

White Christmas

Christmas Eve was another adventurous night at Mami Yoli's house. We always have a good time spending it with cousins and Aunts and Uncles. We were sad not to have spent Christmas Day with Ben's parent's which was a Christmas tradition in the past. But it probably was a good thing this year because Matthew, Emma and I ended up getting a nasty stomach bug. Matthew was the first to get sick but he still enjoyed the fun items Santa had brought him. Among his favorites - his Brachiasoraus and his Leapster 2 (from Mami Olgui). For Emma she hit the jackpot with a hair curler, new roller skates and a new leotard for ballet. I think Ben enjoyed his gift from Emma. She picked it out herself. It is Georgia Bulldogs t-shirt or as she calls it a "Go Georgia Bulldogs" shirt! I enjoyed the Coat that Ben surprised me with. He has always been great at picking out gifts!

Sick but happy!

Roller Princess

Although we didn't get to spend Christmas Day with Ben's parents we did get to spend some time with Steve and Jeneca. We all spent the night in Peachtree City with Ben's grandparents. Although Matthew and I got sick while everyone was sleeping we had a good time hanging out! I always have a fun time with Steve and Jenaca and I think I was the most sad to have to say good-bye to them.
Steve, Jenaca and Baby Savannah visiting
Christmas Jammies from Grandma Jett

Christmas is so fun at our house. Emma seems to have the Christmas spirit in her like her mother. We both love to decorate, listen to Christmas music and wish for snow! We enjoy making cookies for Santa and wrapping presents. It is just a wonderful time to be around family and feel the great love we have for each other. So although we missed Grandma and Grandad Jett and we had some yucky sickness going around - it was still a great Christmas!