Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Lake

Our good friends Tim and Robin bought a condo on Lake Weiss last year. It is a cute condo called "the Alabama Bell". It looks like a River Boat from far away but the rooms have all been remolded and modernized. The Marshall's bought two units and have done an incredible job making it look like a million bucks! We were invited to stay a couple days and although it was a too chilly to go swimming or ride the wave runners we had fun playing Wii and chasing their new dog Max. We love the Marshall's and are so grateful for their friendship.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Soccer Time

We put Emma is soccer this fall. She's been very excited about it! Her Papa plays soccer and her cousin Angel plays soccer too. My brother played soccer growing up and so did Ben. It's pretty much in her blood. Although she can usually hang with boys pretty well, she is mostly my girly girl. I wasn't sure how much she would like an activity that didn't involve a leotard or ballet shoes, but she couldn't wait to start.

Before the season started we purchased her shoes and shin guards. She was so excited to try them on and start practicing right away. She had pretty good control of the ball and her kick is not bad either. I think if she keeps working on it she will do a good job in the sport. I just really hope that she has fun. So far she has had a blast!

She is taking soccer at the Outdoor Cherokee YMCA. She is on a co-ed team for ages 6-8. Their colors are orange and navy and Coach Adam namesd them "the Tigers". We had bad rains and storms the week before the team's first game so they didn't get a chance to meet before they played. You can tell they needed that practice because during the game the kids were a little unsure about what to do. But little Miss Emma did a great job going after the ball and running the field. After the game, Coach said "Emma you get the hustle award today! Even though you were the smallest one on the field today, you were always on top of the ball. Way to go!" I was a proud of her hustle too and hope she keeps it up throughout the season.

Trying on her soccer shoes....I love the frilly socks!!

Game Time. Emmas is #20

Somehow the only uniforms left were Youth Large. My little girl is petite for her age so the shirt was like a dress and the shorts went past her knees. She still looks awesome though!

Go Tigers!!