Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Trick or Treat Crew

For the second year in a row, we spent Halloween with my brother and my niece, Angel. It is becoming a great tradition and we had tons of fun, even in the rain. Emma enjoys her cousin so much! I don't think it matters where we go or how much candy she gets - as long as Angelina is by her side, she is the happiest girl in the world.

Matthew had a rough start. I got him the coolest Superman costume with a cape and everything. He tried it on the first day but refused to wear it on Halloween. So I rummaged thru his closet and threw together a Cowboy costume the best I could. He wasn't thrilled about that either until Uncle Vini gave him a flashlight to use. After that he was ready to go!

Emma was supposed to be Princess Ariel but while I was trying to get Matthew ready to leave she immerged from her room in fairy wings, a crown, and extra jewelry. She ended up being a Mermaid Fairy Gypsy Princess! She looked great.

Angel and I were witches and my brother had the coolest Pirate costume. We were a good looking crew. I hope we will be able to keep up this tradition for a long time.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Purple Gown

Matthew had several doctor appointments in the past month. The two biggest ones being for his MRI and his EEG. The results were a relief as they both did not show any changes from previous tests. The doctors were just checking to see if something major had triggered his incident in August but it does not seem that way. We will just continue to have him on his medication for a little while as directed.

I have to share a funny story about my sweet little boy. Matthew is very well behaved when he is at the doctors. Emma is the same way. Matthew had to get an EEG where he had wires glued to his head and then was wrapped up like mummy. He barely complained and was an overall superstar. The day of his MRI he had to go ALL day without eating (one of his favorite things to do!). Then he was stuck at the doctor's all afternoon because they were behind schedule. Finally, he was poked in the arm for his IV. And thru all this he was a trooper. But then it was time to put his gown on. He did not want his clothes off and to top it all off, the gown was purple. So wrap him up like a mummy, glue his head, starve him, bore him, poke him and he is fine. But try to put a girlie purple gown on him and he explodes! He was crying and screaming telling everyone "No no no - That is Emma's". The poor boy thought they were giving him his sisters clothes. Bless his little heart!
Matthew getting wires glued to his head for his EEG. Still Smiling Sleeping portion of EEG - with pal Blue.
The purple gown.

Catch - Up

So it's been a little longer than usual between blog posts. Mainly because we moved the computer from the Family Room to our bedroom. It has been a big change and now I need to adjust my daily routine so I can get online more regularly. My dream would be to get a wireless laptop like Ben has!

Emma has been busy making new friends at school. One in particular is a boy named Riley who Emma claims she is going to marry. Her father is not too thrilled, but I think it is very cute! Here are the events of last week that are quickly making Ben consider locking Emma in her room until she is 45:

Day 1: Ben finds Emma and Riley sitting together at a table and Emma informs her Daddy that she knows who she is going to marry.

Day 2: The two little 4-year olds are holding hands on the playground. Emma speaks more of her Wedding plans

Day 3: Emma tells Daddy that she gave Riley a kiss. Ben tells his sweet little daughter that she cannot marry Riley because she should marry him. "But you are too old!" Emma replies. So Ben tells her that he will miss her if she gets married and goes away. Emma answers "Well Mommy married you and she sees Papa all the time". Smart little cookies isn't she?!

I attended two baby showers recently. I made a diaper cake for both showers. I have attached a picture of the first one I made below. It is the first time I have made one and I was pretty proud of myself. I added some fresh pink Sunflowers to the top of this one the day of the shower. I also made some fleece baby blankets that turned out really well. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of those.