Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shadow Baby Jett

Not much time before I was married I was attacked by a dog. After that experience, although I still had a huge love for dogs I was a bit nervous around them. So after I got married I KNEW I wanted a dog but told Ben that I needed a small one that I didn't have to be afraid of.

So my wonderful new husband picked out a puppy for me for my birthday. The first thing I noticed was his PAWS!!! They were massive and I knew enough about dogs to know that big paws meant a big grown up dog in the future. But Ben assured me that it would be fine - and it really was. Shadow was the most gentle dog in the entire world.The vet believed he may have had some German Shepard or Great Dane in him since he was so tall. He was spoiled as a puppy and grew up to believe he was a lap dog, even when he hit 100 pounds. As newlyweds we took him everywhere and after the kids were born he became the protector of the house.

I knew he was special when we got him. We got him from the Rockmart Pound. They told us he was born the day after September 11, 2001. He was found alone under a porch and they named him "Trooper". He was an amazing dog. He let the kids pull on him and climb over him and I never had to worry about him hurting anyone. He was afraid of thunder and fireworks. He rarely ever left the yard. He always listened to us. He made me feel extrememly safe when Ben was gone. He looked big and scary when he barked but he was so sweet we gave him the middle name "Baby". We loved him dearly and he will forever be missed. R.I.P to my dear Shadow Baby.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Dan's Wedding

The last Jett brother got married the first week in September. We were so glad we got to share the special day with Dan and Andrea. The wedding was beautiful from start to finish! They had it in one of the gorgeous Utah canyons and the weather was just perfect. Unfortunately poor Natalie got sick right before the wedding and ended up spending the day laying down. Emma had to step in to take Natalie's place as flower girl in the ceremony. She was so nervous but did a wonderful job. She looked so beautiful in the dress that Grandma Jett picked out for her. I am thankful to Elisa who picked out my skirt so we could match the wedding party colors. I had so much fun shopping with her and Jeneca at the Shade warehouse looking for a top to match. I also need to thank Elisa for making Matthew's vest! She did such an awesome job. All of the little nephews looked so handsome.

I was grateful to take some time away from work and spend it with Ben and the kids. My husband is the greatest and I know it is because he comes from such a great family!

Below are just a few pictures. Ben posted over 100 on his Facebook if you want to see more.

A wedding wouldn't be complete without dancing and of course Emma performed her best moves for everyone to see! She was a big hit dancing with Dan's friend Mike who was also the wedding DJ.