Saturday, March 26, 2011

Emma's 6th Birthday

Emma turned six this month. She is growing so fast! We had planned on a party at the park because Emma wanted to invite friends from church and school in addition to the family. I figured the park would fit everyone. Unfortunately, the weather did not want to cooperate and it was pouring. Last minute I called up the McDonald's down the street and asked if I could have a party there since they had a big playroom. They said they didn't host parties but I could bring a group there if I bought something there. So the kids had a great time playing in the party room on the playground and I provided ice cream sundaes and drinks! It wasn't what I had planned but it turned out great. The other thing that turned out great is the Princess Cake I made for Emma. It wasn't perfect but not bad for my first attempt at a fancy cake. Below are some pictures from the party.

Emma and Angelina

With Abby, Andrea, and Erin

BFF Madison

Michael was one of the 4 boys there


Cindy got her an awesome Bieber magazine with a zillion posters

Great pic with my mom

The cake I made!!

Emma also had a little party at her school. I made cupcakes and Ben took it to lunch so Emma could share it with ALL her school friends.

Her Best Friend from Kindergarten - Madison

Mrs. Scherholz Class

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Growing Up Together

I really enjoy watching the kids growing up together. Sure they have their moments where they are fighting and not getting along but it is a beautiful sight when they play nice together.