Friday, May 27, 2011

End of Kindergarten

Hard to believe how fast the year went. Emma finished up Kindergarten and had a great year at Bascomb Elementary. She had a fabulous teacher and made some good friends. And most importantly she learned a lot! They had a Completion Ceremony the last week of school where they sung several songs and received recognition for making it thru the year. Below are some videos. Excuse the shaky picture. I had to tape it on my phone and am not the best at recording!

After the ceremony we had a small party in Emma's classroom. Matthew was excited to be there with his big sister but wasn't thrilled to have to share her with her classmates. Hard to believe he will be in Pre-school next year and she will be in first grade!!

Ms Waldrop

Mrs. Scherholz

For the summer we are working in Emma's Bridge Book and helping her to improve her reading. For Matthew, we are working on getting him to write his name. This is of course in-between play dates and pool time!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Recital 2011

Emma had her Spring dance recital on Ben's birthday. Her costumes were amazing and she looked so beautiful. Her tap dance was my favorite. They danced to "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Michael Buble. My favorite part is when they put their hands on their heads for the "crazy" part! Miss Alie does such a great job with these girls. For the ballet number they danced to "True Colors" by Phil Collins. It wasn't the best run thru but I think they were all excited and nervous to dance in front of a crowd. And of course they were still beautiful dances. So proud of my baby girl. And Matthew was so proud too! You could hear him saying her name and cheering her on throught the recital. You can see him at the end of the ballet song in his chair - it's pretty cute.

She thinks she wants to try soccer in the fall so we might possibly take a break from dance and start back up next spring. I don't know if she'll like soccer as much as dance but I'm sure she will do great at whatever she chooses to do.

It takes so long to download videos on my blog so I have just added the YouTube links below. Enjoy the show!! (ballet) (tap)