Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Bright Star

Each month at Emma's school the teachers choose 2 children to honor in their class. The choose a Shining Star who is a child that shows exceptional efforts in their school work and a Bright Star who is a child that shows outstanding kindness/compassion in the classroom. For February, Emma was chosen to be a Bright Star. These students are pulled out of class to be in a special ceremony and they receive nice certificates. They also celebrate with some cake! It was a special morning and I was so happy and proud to see my Star cross the stage and receive recognition for being the sweet girl we all know she is.

Emma and her classmate Sophia who received the Shining Star

Friday, February 18, 2011

Build A Bear

Emma has been invited to SEVERAL Birthday parties this year. She seems to have a really great class filled with sweet classmates. She always enjoys getting to play with them.

This party was more exciting than the others though. Katerina was having her party at Build A Bear in the Mall. Sometimes I feel like I am too tough on the kids. They don't get to watch all the shows and movies that their friends watch. And they don't get all the toys that are popular with the kids at school. Emma has no idea what an American Girl doll is and she didn't know what Build A Bear was all about either. So she was extremely excited to hear about this birthday party at the mall. Since she was so excited, I became excited for HER!

It turned out to be a pretty fun party and Emma ended up with "Love Bear" who she certainly does love. She got to pick her out all by herself and choose her outfit and of course stuff her full of fluff. I do still think the bears are too pricey and I don't expect to be going back any time soon on our own, but I am glad she could go to this party and have a great time with her friends!

Getting stuffed!

Fun Times!