Tuesday, May 25, 2010

School Days

Emma is in her last week at her Pre School. She had such a good year there. There was a tiny rough start with her not eating her food at lunch and the one biting incident but overall it was a big success! She loved her teachers and made a lot of friends. She learned a ton of things and had great experiences. I researched a bunch of Pre Schools in the area and I think the one I registered her in was a good choice. Right now we are experiencing end of the year festivities: Muffins with Mom, Doughnuts with Dad, and a family picnic tomorrow. Next year she will be going to Bascomb Elementary. Emma can't wait!

Matthew graduated from the Babies Can't Wait program on his birthday. He was evaluated and it was decided that he could enter in the county Speech Therapy program. He started at Little River Elementary on his birthday to attend his class once a week. I was very nervous about it since it was going to be the first time he was entering into a school environment without one of us around. Matthew is very attached to us and I was imagining him crying the entire time. But he loved his teachers and was so excited about going to school. It was amazing how great he progressed in the couple months he was there. Since the time he began talking he called himself "Mamur", but a few days after his first class he said his name almost perfectly right out of the blue. I teared up like a fool!! How funny the major moments in our lives when we have children.

We will be talking to someone over the summer to get him enrolled in the Speech class at Bascomb where his big sister will be.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Earth Day

I've really come to love the Chatthoochee Nature Center here in Georgia. We went for the second time for Earth Day and I was once again amazed at how wonderful it was. I took a lot of pictures but can't really post them all here. I did post them all on my facebook page so hopefully you can see them there.

The trip once again started with a fun bus ride to the center. Matthew and Emma were so excited! There were so many activities to do there. We made fun crafts out of recycled items and planted our very own seeds in small pots. We got to meet Captain Planet and members of the Atlanta Falcons. We made bird feeders out of used water bottles. We got to see and pet a snake and visit the regular animals at the center - the Beaver and birds like the Bald Eagle, Owls and Falcons. Emma got her face painted and while we waited on her Matthew ate some of the free fruit and organic pizza they were promoting. Emma made the coolest necklace out of a plastic grocery bag and Matthew's favorite thing was listening to the Billy Jonas Band. They were amazing!

The children behaved like perfect Angels. It was perfect weather and another unforgettable day!

bus ride!

Captain Planet


Face Painting

Falcon Football Recycle Relay (with some real Pro football players helping out!)

Grocery Bag Necklace

Billy Jonas Band
Such a FUN day!

Doctor Visit

I think it is so funny how Emma is such a petite little thing and although Matthew is not huge - he definitely isn't little. We took the kids for their annual check-up and they told us Emma was in the 30th percentile for height and Matthew was in the 75th. Overall they are about the same height. I wonder how long that will last!

I was also proud of both of them for not crying with their shots. Emma took it like a champ and Matthew yelled out "Ouch! I don't want that!" but really didn't cry. They are growing up so big so quickly.

Catch Up - Part 2

I love Holidays where I can do fun crafts with the kids! For Easter last year Emma picked out a Disney Princess kit but this year I convinced her to pick something that she could enjoy with Matthew. We picked out silly faces and had lots of fun putting the faces on our eggs and then making some faces of our own!

Another fun thing we got to do this Spring was go on our first Family campout. Emma has gone on several campouts with her Daddy but I had been hesitant to take Matthew out camping. We went to the nearby campground less than 3 miles away on lake Allatoona. The kids had lots of fun especially with the campfire! They really enjoyed roasting their hotdogs and making S'mores. Unfortunately it stormed pretty bad that night but our awesome tent kept us dry. Matthew slept right thru the terrible weather and Emma only woke up a couple of times. Overall I think it was a pretty successful campout.