Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Emma has wanted to do ballet since she could walk so in August I finally got her signed up for classes. When she is focused she is a beautiful dancer! A lot of ballet comes so natural to her it seems. She loves being on her tip toes and she loves moving to music. She had her first recital last week and I could not be more proud of her. There are only 4 girls in her class and for some reason only 2 showed up on the morning of the recital. The other girl who came is very young so Emma had to kind of lead the way. Miss Alie is a friend of mine and does a great job teaching the girls at a studio called Dance Imagination. We are so lucky to be at that studio. We are also lucky that she has so much support. Papa and Mami Olgi came. So did Aunt Steph and Angel. Even "Uncle" Tim and Miss Robin drove all the way from Ballground! So nice of everyone to show up that early Saturday morning.
I think ballet is a perfect fit for Emma and I hope she continues doing it as long as possible. Here is the video. I've seen it a million times already and will probably see it a million times more!

I tried to post the video on the blog with NO luck :(

Here it is on YouTube but because it uses a Josh Grobin song that is copyrighted - the sound does not work. You can find the version with sound (I think sound makes it even more special!) on my facebook page.


Monday, December 13, 2010

No more therapy!!

After Matthew's medical problems when he was a newborn it was stressed upon us that putting him in rehabilitation and therapy was imperative. So as soon as possible he was enrolled in Occupational and Physical therapies. He did them several times a week with a specialist and then we worked with him ourselves. It was pretty upsetting at first. His first evaluations were not very positive. At three months old, they told us he was functioning at only a newborn level. But we worked very hard - all of us did! My mother did therapy with him at her house and Ben and I practiced all his exercises with him every chance we could. We showed others how to help him too. Some days Matthew was tired and cranky and didn't want to participate but we continued to do what needed to be done. Then suddenly things began looking up! We would get new therapists every once in a while and they would not believe this was the same baby on their files. He was doing incredible. Before we new it, he was up to par with his age level. In the beginning he had therapy twice a week. By the time he was two, it was once a month. Then by age three he had graduated both Physical and Occupational therapy. It was recommended he begin speech therapy although he barely qualified to receive it. Then this past week he was tested again and they told us he was doing so well they did not feel he needed Speech therapy anymore either! One therapist even said he spoke better than some Kindergartners.
Wow - I could not believe it!

It feels odd not having to take him to therapy. But I will be happy to get used to this change! Now the next step is to try to take him off his medication. Fingers crossed for that but even if it doesn't happen, to know that he is doing so well is more than I could ever hope for. I love my little boy so much and am SO very proud of all that he has accomplished!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Loving Husband

My hubby and I at the beach over the summer

I had a birthday in December and am now officially 32. Although I really thought I was already 32 so it doesn't feel like I'm much older! I guess you get forgetful in your old age.

Ben and I don't normally do too much for our birthdays or our anniversary. We just have too much going on I guess. This year I suggested we have a nice dinner at home. I told Ben he could make me some Salmon and we could eat with the kids. So when I got home to find the kids missing I was a little confused. Ben had planned the evening so we could go out to dinner alone while the kids stayed at my Mom's house. So sweet of him! I enjoyed the Salmon I ordered at the Marietta Fish Market and I especially enjoyed a peaceful meal with my loving husband. I didn't have to cut up anyone's food. I didn't have to tell anyone to hurry up and take a bite. I didn't even have to get up in the middle of my meal to take someone to the restroom. It was just perfect!

Ben also did a great job with my gifts. I received a gym membership that I really really wanted. Some new headphones, a movie, and tons of other stuff I probably don't deserve. He truly is the best!!