Saturday, July 24, 2010


We have done a lot of neat things over the summer but unfortunately I don't have too many pictures. One of the cool things that we did was go to Medieval Times. I actually won the tickets on the radio for Father's Day! Medieval Times is a giant castle that you go to where they serve you a wonderful feast and you have a spectacular show with Knights and jousting. Of course it was perfect for Emma - our own personal princess. And of course, Matthew enjoyed the food! The best part was that the Black and White knight we were rooting for won the battle and saved the Prince so that he could be with the Princess and live Happily Ever After.

Ben and the kids have spent a lot of time in the water this summer. We have been able to enjoy my Aunt Yoli's wonderful pool where Emma has been doing much better at swimming around in her floaties and can even jump in the shallow end without anyone catching her. Matthew is a little fish and is so comfortable floating around in the pool too. They definitely take after Ben who I think could live in the water and be very happy.

One day we were all able to join the Johansons, John, Elisa and Jacob and Grandma/Grandad Jett at White Water. It was really a new experience to have little ones at such a big water park. I think we may wait another year or two before we go again so that they can really enjoy how fun the park truly is.

Other fun things we did included having my niece Angelina spend two days and nights with us, watching Toy Story 3 at the movie theatre, and going to a Braves game at Turner Field. We were even lucky enough to spend some quality time with Sarah, Scott, Georgia and Jackson while they were in town for a quick visit.

One NOT so fun thing we had to do this summer was say goodbye to Ben's parents. They decided to move to Utah and although we are heartbroken that they are no longer so close by we are excited to get to go visit them in Utah. In fact we will be going there in September for Dan's wedding. We also are big fans of SKYPE so we will be able to see them often on our computer!
We have only one week left of summer. So hard to believe how fast it passed by. Right now Ben has band camp with Woodland HS and the kids have been going to my mom's house. Starting in August............SCHOOL!!!!