Sunday, November 20, 2011

Family Photos

A while ago I entered the kids in a photo contest and Emma won. She had the most "likes" on Facebook and so we got a discounted photo session with a great local photographer (and a friend from church). She takes great pictures and I was so excited to see what Barefoot in Bluegrass Photography could do with our little family. We scheduled a day for the photo shoot at a nearby park and spent a couple hours taking multiple shots. The kids did great and we had a ton of fun. Melanie said she took about 200 photos. Unfortunately later that night she found out that her camera had malfunctioned (something that she has NEVER had happen in her many years of picture taking) and our photos were lost. We scheduled another day for photos. The boys were not too thrilled about having to take pictures again and Matthew was having a lot of trouble cooperating. Emma of course is always ready to be the center of attention! Melanie worked her magic and got some really great photos even with the grumpy boys. I put some up on the main blog page but here a few more of my favorites. I recommend you book your next family pictures with Melanie!!

I have to add this last photo too! The photographer texted me and told me she couldn't finish editing the pictures after coming across this picture. She said it was the funniest thing she ever saw and couldn't stop laughing. She even put in on her website (so embarrassed!!). She said it was her favorite picture. The story behind it is that grumpy Matthew would not smile for the camera and when he did he would close is eyes. So here is Emma helping him out.....
What a crazy beautiful family I have. Love them!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Mermaid, Pirate, Dinosaur (Trunk or Treat)

The Girls

Me as a boxer

I didn't get many pictures from Halloween this year. I don't know what happened! But we still had a good time.
The Saturday before Halloween I took the kids and Angelina to the church Trunk or Treat. Emma decided to wear the mermaid costume that Aunt Rachel mailed to us. Grandma Jett had it made it a few years ago for Natalie. It was a little snug on Emma but she was EXTREMELY determined to wear it, so I let her. Matthew didn't want to be anything other than a dinosaur so we used the same costume I made him last year. We added a dinosaur head that we got at the dollar store to make it even better. Only problem was that when he put the hoodie on, it covered the dinosaur's eyes. SO, I thought it would be a good idea to put eyeballs on top of the hoodie. BIG mistake because it made Matthew look like a frog or alligator. But oh well, he still had a good time roaring like a dinosaur. My costume was a boxer - I had a black eye and all!

The Trunk or Treat was great as always. The kids favorite was the homemade donuts and rootbeer that the Snyder's made. They had dry ice with the rootbear so it made it look like a witchy potion!! Pretty cool.

On Halloween night we continued the tradition of going to my brother's neighborhood. The kids enjoyed it and the weather was perfect. Emma wore the princess costume she got for her Ballet Recital earlir in the year. It fit better than the mermaid costume and was easier for her to walk around in .Ben helped them move along to all the houses so it moved pretty fast. We have more candy than we will ever eat and will most likely be giving some away. Another fun family holiday! Can't wait for more to come.