Friday, February 26, 2010

Field Trip #2

Emma had her second field trip with her Pre-School today. They all went to the local Fire Station. The trip was short but very sweet. They spent a lot of the time just asking the Fire Fighters questions. The questions ranged from typical PreK things like "Do you have a fire dog?" to more serious questions like "What do you do if there is a fire at the front door?" After the questions, they toured the Fire House and then they got to see the Fire Trucks up close and personal.

The kids were extremely well behaved and I enjoyed seeing them all get along together so well. Emma really does have great teachers and a wonderful class.

Trying on their fire hats

Checking out the Fire Trucks

Emma's Class

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day

It snowed this past weekend. A rare thing in Georgia, but one of mine and Emma's favorite things! Ben took these wonderful pictures of the kids in the snow.

Our snow covered home

snow kisses

snowball fight

Shadow loves the snow too

building a snowman

Emma's snowman before Matthew kicked it over

Trying to get warm after playing in the snow

Can't play in the snow and NOT have hot chocolate afterwards!
Notice the chocolate on her forhead too....must have been good stuff.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wanna Dance?!

My dear cousin Nancy handed down her daughter's old bedroom set to Emma when she got a new one from her Grandma as a Christmas gift. Matthew got Emma's old bed and she got the pretty new bed with a matching desk. They even provided some cute new sheets and a comforter. Emma has been in Heaven with her new "Princess" bed. Matthew has been enjoying his "big boy" bed with his new Handy Manny sheets he got from my Mom.

Emma had been asking for a clock in her room for a while now. I let her have an old clock radio of mine that I did not use. She loves turning it on to listen to the music!

A couple weeks ago I overheard the following conversation between my kids:

Emma: " Hey Matthew?!"
Matthew: "Yes, my Emma?"
Emma: "Come here please!"
Matthew: "Okay my Emma. Here I am!"
Emma: " wanna dance?!"
Matthew: "Yeah!!!!!"

And I walked in to see the both of them in Emma's room with her radio turned up loud. They were holding hands and dancing around the room. It was a beautiful sight to see.

Dance partners for life

Handy Manny bed spread from Mami Olgui
Wearing her Princess dress that Grandma Jett made