Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day

We had a simple yet sweet Valentine's Day this year. It was Matthew's first year giving cards at his school so I tried to make it something fun for him. I luckily found Dinosaur cards that he really liked and was excited about. I added some dinosaur gummies to make it super special.

For Emma, I found a cute idea on PINTEREST and it actually came out pretty good. I braided bracelets for each of her classmates and put it on a handmade card Emma put together. We used orange because that is the color for first grade at Bascomb Elementary (Green is Kindergarten and I think 2nd is red, etc). I tried different types of bracelets but braided was the easiest way to go and since I had to do 24 of them, EASY was the ONLY way to go!!! I think they turned out pretty cute and Emma's report was that they were a success in class.

Ben surprised me at work with a perfect red rose and a beautiful card. He is so awesome! Everyone at work was talking about how great he was. Even the guys. I am so blessed. He also made a yummy spaghetti dinner and although I made a red jello dessert for Vday , we ended up eating cookies Emma made. For Family Home Evening the day before I had us all write on cut-out construction hearts why we loved eachother and what we loved about our family. Then I taped it on our bedroom doors. It was great to hear what the kids had to say. Matthew was happy to get watch television with Emma. And Emma loved being a big sister. They both loved Daddy's tickles and Mommy's cooking. What a great little loving family I have!!

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