Sunday, March 18, 2012

Soccer Fever

I am so glad we put Emma in Soccer. I hope she sticks with it for a little while. It is great exercise and she has already learned so much about her position and teamwork. She did Fall and Indoor and is just starting her Spring Season. She has the same coach as she did in the Fall but this time Ben is the assistant coach. She is lucky to be on a great team who support her and help her to look good! But of course she is always the cutest little soccer player out there. And I mean little!! She is usually the smallest one out there but she is getting better and better at being more aggresive and going after the ball. We will take a break over the summer but then back into it next Fall. She is starting to say she wants to do gymnastics again but maybe I can talk her out of that by next Winter ;)
She is number 11

Going after the ball!


That's my girl!!

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